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The New PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter is a Serious Bit of Kit

Posted by James Newton

New accessory enters the kill zone

Move isn't short on plastic guns, but there's always room for one more, particularly when it's officially licensed and designed to get the most out of Killzone 3.

The new PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter, to give it its official name, is set for release in February and is the first rifle-type accessory to come from Sony. It'll launch for $39.99 and houses both Move and Navigation underneath, which should make it much easier to walk and gun at the same time. It's also got a reload button, "realistic pump-action" and a firing mode selector,

The official PlayStation EU blog has a video of the shooter in action with Killzone 3, so see what you make of this new accessory.


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Strofan7 said:

Yeah this looks awesome. I'm sure a few things will still be awkward to reach, but this is by far the least awkward layout I've seen for a gun peripheral yet.



NathanUC said:

I really want this.... I just sorta wish more games used the Navigation with the right hand instead of the left though. I think that would be a bit easier to manage at times.



Swolern said:

I used a similar setup with MAG and it was very hard to use at first(like the first time u ever picked up a analog controller with a FPS). But after a day or so getting used to the mechanics of it, shooting someone online by pointing and pulling a trigger was extremely satisfying way to get kills and was more immersive and lifelike. The only problems was the other control buttons were all out of place and very difficult to reach. Hopefully they will fix that with this model. I have high hopes seeing that playstation is putting their name on this peripheral. Just please make those buttons easily asseccible for a fast pace shooter where timing is key!



Slapshot said:

I think this one is getting bought by me! I've literally thought it a thousand times while playing MAG with Move, that "if I had a actual gun this would be so much easier"



MadchesterManc said:

I thought these plastic gun attachments were cheesy, but after playing MAG and seeing this Sony gun, i can see how this could be good. Itd be surreal using one of these while playing in 3D




Finally. Here's hoping for a pistol version and some 'get rid of the crosshairs' patches!



Swolern said:

I agree with Madchester using this gun while playing in 3D would be freaking insane. Sony just work on minimizing 3d crosstalk b/c too much can ruin the 3d effect.



gabrieldov said:

Hey guys, I guess this is for lefty's and righty's friendly.
I mean, it should be the same for booth sides and the controllers are "unihand"




For something that gets released in little over a month, there's still very little information about the Sharp Shooter's availability and pricing in the UK.
No pricing I've seen on online stores, high street stores or whether there will be any official bundles.

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