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Talking Point: The Games You Want Patched for Move

Posted by James Newton

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Sony's Peter Seybold recently hinted that more PS3 games may get Move-enabling patches, something that naturally got us thinking: what would you want to see updated for Move? Here's just a couple of our choices.

Modnation Racers

The cutesy creative racer is a great demonstration of what PlayStation Network can do, but we can't help but feel Move support in the editors would make things so much more straightforward. Being able to paint your car and character with Move's precision cursor would be good, but the track editor could also benefit from Move's intuitive, flexible control. We'd even settle for holding the controller on its side to steer in-game, though truth be told we'd rather stick with DualShock 3 for steering.

International Cricket 2010

You may scoff, but our sister site Nintendo Life receives countless emails about Ashes Cricket 2009 on Wii so an international cricket game with Move support is an absolute winner. Bowling, batting and fielding with the accuracy of Move could be superb, letting you hit sixes as easily as bowl a googly. Go on Codemasters, make it happen!

Call of Duty series

Almost all of Activision's pre-eminent war shooters would be ripe for Move support, but if we were kidnapped by a super-secretive special ops team and forced to choose, we'd have to go with Modern Warfare 2 for a Move update: barrelling down the mountain in a Move-controlled skidoo is just too tempting to resist.

Over to You

These are just a few of the titles we'd love to see updated for Move, but we know you have your own favourites too. Leave us a comment below telling us which already-released game you want to play with Move and who knows, it may happen!

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Paranoimia said:

Hmm... to be honest, I don't think I want any old games patched for Move. I don't really want Move included just for the sake of it.

I'd rather they just concentrated on building it in to future games (but again, only where it fits, and not just for the sake of it) rather than forcing it in to old games with a retro-fitting patch.



mairondil said:

inFamous. Imagine using Cole's different skills with Move gestures? As long as they don't make it a rail game.



Tokool2007 said:

Kingdom hearts I and II with a HD remix. The 1st one would really work. Left hand moves right hand fights. The same with the second until the forms and then I'm sure they would come up with something for it.



Swolern said:

Oh I think Fight Night professional boxing series will work pretty good also.



swapnilgyani said:

International Cricket 2010 is a damn good game, and in my opinion, the best cricket game to date. It would be awesome if its patched for Move.

I believe it could be fun to have GTAIV patched for move, especially for those minigames of pool, darts and bowling. And oh yes, helicopter riding.

I can't even imagine what it would be like to have two move contollers (one in each hand) simulate whatever's in the hands of Kratos



MadchesterManc said:

Call of Duty MW2 sucks. couldn't you think of something better then that? lol I wouldn't mind seeing killzone 2 get a move. At least they could test out thier tech n get some feedback before 3 is released



James said:

I can't see Killzone 2 getting updated when 3 is out in two months, but you never know.

GTA IV is a good shout too, as is inFAMOUS.

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