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Pachter: Disney Epic Mickey Will Come to PS3 Eventually

Posted by James Newton

It's a shoe-in

Disney Epic Mickey on Wii is raking in some pretty positive reviews around the world but, despite Warren Spector's insistence that it was made for Wii, Michael Pachter is in no doubt it'll appear on PlayStation 3 in the fullness of time.

It will ultimately come there. Maybe they’ll do it as a Playstation Network game for a lot less money but they’ll have to wait a few years until the Wii version runs its course to get away with lower graphics.

So far we haven't seen many Wii games make the jump across to PlayStation Move, but Disney Epic Mickey would certainly be a strong candidate and a welcome addition to Move's catalogue.

Would you buy Mickey on Move?


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Hokori said:

BBBOOOOO!!! what happened to it being "WII EXCLUSIVE" THIS IS NMH ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!! Now let the Wii have some PS3 Exclusives then. MvC3, MGS4, or even ones that are on PS3 and 360 like RE5 soul calibur 4, something anything



CanisWolfred said:

Was there any doubt? Not in my mind. Oh well, by that time the Wii version will be in bargain bins. I won't have any need to get the PS3 version.



3-Above said:

I want ed this game from the time i saw it at E3... till i found out it was Wii exclusive. What a waste of a game! I wont play anything thats not in atleast 720p. Cant wait for the Wii to die!



SilentJ said:

I want it for the Move but I'm not sure if I can wait that long. I'll probably have it for the Wii by then but I'm very happy to hear it'll eventually be available on the PS3.



Slapshot said:

@Otaku... Bit. Trip, A Boy and His Blob, Blast Works, Deadly Creatures, Madworld, Little Kings Story, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, Red Steel 2, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Trauma Center, etc.

The Wii has done very well for itself with great 3rd Party Games.



turtlelink said:

@Slapshot lets not forget the first party support. Oh brother. I still play Brawl religiously.
This is great but like what Mickey Mac said, it will be in the bargain bin by time this comes out. If they work out the kinks that I heard was in the wii version (camera angles and such) then I may pick this one up over the wii version.



DavynD said:

I'd buy it, but not before I get No More Heroes: Hero's Paradise.



Madgame said:

Yes, I would buy it. A game that is "made" for one system is often improved and upgraded when brought to another. I would welcome the HD graphics and potential enhancements to the camera issues the Wii version experiences.



kiddudu said:

I'd expect the port to be running better than this problematic one for Wii. And better graphics. But that covered, I'd certainly buy it. ;D

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