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Modern Combat: Domination Shoots for PlayStation Network Next Month

Posted by James Newton

Gameloft's FPS coming to Move

Move's a perfect fit for first-person shooters, so the news that Gameloft is bringing Modern Combat: Domination to PlayStation Network next month is enough to grab our attention.

Further details to pique your interest include the smooth 60 frames per second graphical engine, full online multiplayer support and customisable weapons, with some of the screenshots released so far looking pretty impressive for a PlayStation Network title.

So far Gameloft has pencilled the game in for a January 2011 release date, with a free demo available to help you make your mind up. We'll have more information as it becomes available.


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din_djinn said:

Unless I read that this game is completely broken, I'll be buying this game right away. At this point my favorite Move games are all DLC (Tumble, Beat Sketcher, Auditorium). The only other strong option for this kind of play is MAG, but I feel MAG possibly requires a lot of dedication and clan membership to really enjoy. I want a $10 game to jump into and play for an hour when I feel the whim.



Slapshot said:

@din_djinn..... I'm right there with you, and I'm really looking forward to this one as well. Gameloft has released some great Downloadable titles recently and I'm really hoping this is one of them. MAG is tons of fun, but as you already stated, a jump-in-and-play style of FPS is indeed missing with Move and this should fill that gap nicely!



turtlelink said:

It looks interesting. I've been a little FPS'd out but by then I'll be craving some fps when I have LBP2, Scott Pilgrim, and Pac Man DX.
Oh and one tip Gameloft.

Don't screw up.



odd69 said:

There are too many FPS's out at the moment even on psn.I'll need this to stick out of the crowd,like have a standout single player mode and a good co-op mode or just something special to warrant a purchase.

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