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Insomniac Still Undecided on Move Support for Resistance 3

Posted by James Newton

Maybe, maybe not

Sony's other first-person shooter juggernaut threequel for next year, following February's Killzone 3, Resistance 3 is set for release in September. According to developer Insomniac it's already playable from start to finish, but so far there's been no decision made on whether or not the game will support PlayStation Move or stereoscopic 3D.

With the game not out until September it's possible the studio may wait to see how Killzone 3's Move controls are received before committing to the motion controller, and with it still up in the air whether Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will use PlayStation Move the motion-sensing wand could use another solid hardcore title to beef up its credentials.

When Insomniac gives the word one way or the other, we'll let you know. Would you be disappointed if Resistance 3 didn't support Move?

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Chrono_Cross said:

Hmmmm, I`m more leaning towards the Maybe Not side, even though they have more than enough time to make use of it.



Slapshot said:

I think the style of game play found in Resistance would be a perfect fit for Move support.

It's not a uber fast style of play and I think this is probably on of the main PlayStation Exclusive titles that would benefit from Move support the most. Reason being that the majority of guns in Resistance use a on-screen cursor to shoot (basically shoot from the hip in most modern shooters), instead of aiming down the sights, and with Move it's the aiming down the sights part that finds it's problems.



SilentJ said:

They should just implement Move support and let gamers decide weather they want to use it or not. I, for one, would be disappointed if they don't use Move.



din_djinn said:

I agree with both slapshot82 & SilentJ. Everyone with a Move also has a controller, let us decide. And this game even more than the other shooters mentioned would seemingly be a great fit for the Move. That said, I would prefer if a game is designed from the start to utilize the Move integrally, though not necessarily exclusively




If they're undecided I'd say to not bother, clearly they're not excited about Move so why not just concentrate on the game. Hopefully it will pull me in more than Resistance 2 did. Really enjoyed RFOM, but 2 didn't seem to evoke the same feeling.



MadchesterManc said:

Id welcome Move with Resistance3. Sony would really be laying down the gauntlet to the others with another top Core title on the Move list. Now Im used to MAG with the Move (took a few days lol), im looking forward to more Move enabled shooters

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