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Fire Up the PS3 Browser for a New, Move-Enabled Experience

Posted by James Newton

New look for European homepage

If you launch your PlayStation 3 browser today you might notice a few changes to the standard homepage, which has been redesigned to look better on HDTVs and feature support for PlayStation Move.

You'll be able to use the motion controller to browse through a range of trailers, news and features, with Sony promising further revamps next year with the addition of PSN community features and the PlayStation Blog to the site.

For now, point your PS3's browser to to see the new changes in action.


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SilentJ said:

This is good news. I hate using the analog sticks to scroll through websites.



din_djinn said:

I just checked and didn't see any changes to the Hong Kong site. Is this just a part of the EU's site? Does the U.S. have this?

Is there a way to change the homepage in the PS3's browser? Actually, never mind, I never use it anyhow, so my questions are more thinking aloud and rhetorical than needing answers.

But I did get a firmware update, and it seems like I've gotten about 6 in the last 6 months or so. IMO, that's just too much.



Slapshot said:

@din_djinn.... Firmware updates have been really great over the last year or so. I welcome them with open arms as the XMB has seen a massive overhaul for the better, PlayStation Home inclusion as well as Trophy Support, etc. Most firmware updates add new and improved additions to our PlayStation experience, though this last one was just a security update.



din_djinn said:

And some firmware updates remove features. Now that the PS3 has been hacked I'm sure we can look forward to more security updates every other month or so. I'm just saying that 3.40 and 3.41 were a month apart and even 3.30 was two months prior, with nothing major added in any of those (and those weren't about security). I'd prefer having them combined.



rjejr said:

Just turned on my PS3 to view this, alas I suppose here in the US we have to suffer with the severely crappy old one. Though maybe it only updates if you have a Move installed? We're getting our Eyepet bundle (yet another delayed item) at Christmas.



ETLN said:

Wish Sony would overhaul the whole browser itself, it needs later HTML standards and a much faster JavaScript engine, considering my Wii loads the majority of web pages faster its kind of sad.



omgitsalive said:

EU speaking here The basic design of the site is pretty neat, but still not winning any speed prizes.
The Move support, instead of being 'immersive, realistic, 1-to-1 without lag', is more 'halfassed, frustrating, broken'.
Either that or I just sucked at it

It doesn't track the cursor to the sphere, you need to flick the wrist holding T in XMB style, which makes the cursor jump from pre-defined point A to pre-defined point B (or, more often, shoots all the way through to point H...)

Let's hope for an update soon!

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