Will they, won't they? The ongoing saga of whether DualShock 3 and Move users will be able to pit their skills against each other on the battlefields of Killzone 3 has taken many a twist and turn, but now the word has come from the official US PlayStation blog that yes, the two controllers will go head-to-head online in February.

Sid Shuman, Sony's senior social media specialist, gave the word in the comments section of the latest post:

Checked into this (thanks for the patience) and there are no segregated servers — everyone plays together. The Killzone team is confident that the playing field is level between the controller types, however.

If you're wanting to head into battle against the Helghast you may have your eye on the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter, the new rifle-style accessory from Sony that aims to make your first-person shooters a little more involving. The blog goes into more detail about how the gun fits together, as well as its customisable button layouts that will prove a godsend for left-handed gamers.

Be sure to check out the new pictures and videos over at the official US PlayStation blog and stay tuned for more Killzone 3 information before February rolls around.

[via blog.us.playstation.com]