Sega's Virtua Tennis 4 is one of the most promising Move and stereoscopic 3D-enabled titles for 2011, and it's this winning combination that producer Mie Kumagai believes will help the series to reach new heights.

In an interview with TechRadar, Kumagai spoke of the advantages of using a controller that works in 3D space with a 3D display:

3D technology has been around for a while, but the reason why we are able to provide a fun and interactive experience in the 3D virtual space is because of the integration between 3D technology and Move. Users are not only simply playing in the virtual 3D space, but also making the various return shots by adjusting the angle of the racket surface.

Kumagai also gave the example of being able to judge the ball's position in 3D space more easily when playing return shots, helping even players who are rubbish at real tennis to "feel like the world's greatest tennis players". Now that is a miracle of technology, and something we'll all be able to experience when Virtua Tennis 4 is released next year.