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BigBen Aims to Strike it Lucky with New Move Software

Posted by James Newton

Budget games on the way

The name BigBen Interactive might not ring any bells, but it soon will. The European manufacturer of Wii games including Cocoto Magic Circus, Pool Party and Western Heroes, each of which was released with a plastic accessory accompaniment, is set to release its first PlayStation Move games in 2011.

The company didn't announce any details about the games themselves, but we firmly expect family-friendly budget fare to be the order of the day. BigBen's PR and marketing co-ordinator Isabelle Houzet spoke to MCV about the company's approach:

In 2011, BigBen Interactive will launch its first PS3 titles that utilise PlayStation Move. Our strength has always been to offer family content titles with tailored accessories to provide added value for both consumers and the retailer.

We're crossing all our fingers for Cocoto Magic Circus: HD with a massive Move-compatible rifle.


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EdEN said:

Not all Cocoto games are that bad... but it's not something to look forward to on PS3.

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