You need only look at our PlayStation Move games list to see that the lion's share of support for the controller is coming from Sony itself, with no fewer than 26 games either released or officially announced. Sony's line-up accounts for nearly half of the currently-known Move titles, but that's not always going to be the case, says Sony.

Peter Dille, Sony's senior vice president of marketing, has assured Move owners that the relative lack of third-party support is only temporary, with titles on the way next year.

What our third-party publisher guys told me is, it was at that point in time when they said we need to redouble our efforts on this platform and invest more. What that means is, if you’re making those decisions in the summer, you’re not going to see that content for Christmas. The good news is, it means the consumer will see a bunch of great third-party games, post-Christmas and into next year.

Although Dille didn't go into too much detail about third-party games, with heavyweight publishers such as Sega, EA, Konami and Ubisoft all bringing brand new titles next year this is just the tip of the Move iceberg.

What third-party games are you looking forward to in the future?