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This is What Move's and Kinect's Children Would Look Like

Posted by James Newton

If manufactured very, very cheaply

When the Wii was released we saw countless cheap knock-offs flood the market – remember the Vii? – and now it looks like Move is about to receive its own sincerest form of flattery in the form of the "i-dong". (Really, we're not making these names up.)

Displayed at a Chinese technology event, the i-dong uses a black sensor unit connected to a PC or set-top box to allow a separate motion controller to play games. So far, so Wii, but when you take a look at the components themselves it's clear the designers had something a little more modern in mind.

Whilst the sensor's wide black form isn't entirely displeasing to the eye, the motion controller looks like it should be a roll-on underarm deodorant rather than a gaming input device. With its sleek shape and half-spherical attachment at the top, it's at best a generous homage to Sony's design team, and at worse a matter for the company's lawyers.

The best part? The sensor, two controllers, games and infrared reflect costs around $220.


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Token_Girl said:

These probably won't see much, if any, market in countries where Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have large footholds. They'll be in places like China where most people can't afford the real deal.

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