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The Fight to Get Patched with Transparency and More

Posted by James Newton

Lights on after all

A while ago, Coldwood Interactive spoke about The Fight: Lights Out and its lack of transparencies in the player character. The developers hinted that they would listen to player feedback and consider implementing the feature if enough fans requested it, and now it seems dissenting voices have been heard as the studio is set to bring transparencies to the game, amongst other features.

There's no word yet on when the patch will be available or what other improvements it will bring, but hopefully it'll bring enough improvements to the game to make it worth a purchase. We're still working on our review and we'll bring you the full lowdown shortly.


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Swolern said:

Wow this game is amazing, especially in 3D which really brings the characters to life. The 3D quality is the best I've seen yet as far as minimal to no crosstalk and no noticeable hit to graphics or framerate. Extremely responsive 1:1 tracking as fast as I can punch. A must have game with move controls and 3D 10/10. Not sure if transparency will improve an already great game. We will see.



James said:

I've heard lots of mixed things about this, so I don't want to dive into it, but that does sound ace. I'll have to pick it up now!



Strofan7 said:

I wish people would edit reviews when major patches like this come out. This game has mostly poor reviews and sounds like this will clear up most of the issues.

MAG is a completely different game from when everyone reviewed it and seems to deserve much better reviews now.



Slapshot said:

I'm glad to hear that a patch is coming. The game is indeed fun but the problems at times can be overwhelming.

@Stofan... our MAG review is obviously updated and giving the game a review a year later after all the patches was well deserved in my opinion.



Weskerb said:

I think I'll get this over the holidays if they can improve it a bit. I know it got poor reviews but I really like hitting things. I couldn't stop playing Wii Sports boxing for ages and would invite anyone to play. Girls, small chirldren etc. just so I could knock them out.



gamerdude74 said:

i hope the patch improves the game. if this happens, i hope it erases the bad reviews coz i really want to buy this.

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