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Talking Point: What Improvements Would You Make to Move?

Posted by James Newton

Imagine Sony's listening...

Capcom's boss David Reeves recently spoke about an evolved Move for PlayStation 4, which got us thinking: what improvements would you like to see in the Move? Here's a few ideas off the top of our glowing blue heads.

Improved PlayStation Eye

The Move itself may be a nifty piece of kit, but the PlayStation Eye camera often can't do justice to the augmented reality games available: play EyePet: Move Edition in soft lighting and you'll see what we mean. Grainy, low resolution images – the camera can only muster 640 x 480 at top whack – and poor light detection should see the Eye upgraded before Move.

Rumble and Motion-Sensing in Navigation

The Navigation sub-controller is comfortable and all, but it lacks vibration feedback and motion-sensing capabilities, the former having been featured in every pad (barring SIXAXIS) since the late 1990s. As for motion control, although it could mean a glowing ball stuck on top of the Navigation's slim frame, it could even be a simple accelerometer for detecting small movements: throwing grenades in Killzone 3 for example.

What are your thoughts?

Whilst these two sit prettily at the top of our most-wanted list for Move, we're sure you can think of plenty more improvements for the future of Sony's motion controller. Let us know in the comments! Registration only takes a minute and will let you join in the discussion on every PlayStation Move game, PlayStation Move reviews and of course our forums!

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swapnilgyani said:

1. Yeah, the PlayStation Eye is an obvious area of improvement. Give us a full HD camera to boot.

2. Along with making the navigation wand motion sensitive, I'd also love to see an analouge stick added to the move wand. This would essentially mean that the combination would work for motion sensing as well as regular controls that require dual analouge sticks.

That would negate any advantage a DualShock holder would have over a Move holder in FPS multiplayers.

3. Not so much with the Move itself, but the software - the calibration process needs to be standardized across the board. Maybe have the PS3 calibrate Move as soon as it is turned on, which means I don't have to re-calibrate everytime I switch from one game to the other.



hamispink said:

you picked my main improvements, although I would also want square and triangle buttons added to the nav controller, to make the possibility of a one-handed rpg even more real.
I would like the start and select buttons to be positioned closer the the front of the move controller. I have trouble reaching the start button, which can be trouble in heated situation.
I would also like to say that I wish that sony would replace the "good, but not perfect" R2 and L2 triggers with the T trigger on the move(which is silent, has just the right amount of pressure, and has a lip to keep your finger in place)



jason3064 said:

what kinda heated situation do you need to press the start button?many people say this and i dont get it.if you rotate the controller in your hand it's quite easy to press.i do agree with hamispink where the R2 L2 triggers are concerned though



Slapshot said:

@jason... it's kinda opposite of what your saying but I constantly find myself pausing the game when I don't want too in games like The Fight and Sports Championships that require large or fast movements.

I would like to add that I want to be able to control the amount of rumble in the Move controller as well, along with the ability to use the Move as a on-screen cursor and do away with this holding the T button plus motion control to navigate menus.



danschemen said:

they had better not make a ps4 soon i'm about to FINALLY get a ps3 and that's only because at best buy you can get one and you only have to pay 8 bucks a month for 2 years MUCH better than paying upfront!



James said:

@danschemen No worries, you're not going to be looking at PS4 for another three or four years yet. Plenty of time!

All good suggestions guys. There definitely needs to be an on-screen cursor for certain areas - typing with Move is a nightmare! Hopefully that can be added with a software patch rather than having to wait until PS4, though



hamispink said:

@3 I might need to take a break, to answer a call or go to the restroom, and it's nice to be able to easily pause the game in an opportune position, but I agree that it isn't necessarily hard to reach, just a small gripe



cc_star said:

1) PSEye is abysmal in this day and age, sure its resolution may be higher than Kinect's but its usefulness is massively inferior, it needs an Infra Red sensor to help it out in non-perfect light conditions, and maybe the addition of a 2nd camera, so controller free gaming is possible, with the Move Sticks utilised for enhanced gaming experiences
2) The internal battery is awful, its doesn't just need a better battery, its needs hot-swappable batteries so you can switch whilst playing. At the moment an evening's 'spontaneous' fun takes hours of charging, kind of nullifying the 'pick up & play' a motion controller needs
3) Mandatory OS level calibration, so you don't have to calibrate every 2 seconds as you move from game to game



Dazza said:

I really like PS Move, but I really wish that SCE had redeveloped the PlayStation Eye with the new bundle packs.

It's not exactly attactive is it? When you go to all the trouble of wall mounting a stylish Bravia, the last thing you want is a fugly webcam stuck on top of it. It's a shame it could have been rejigged into a smaller Mars Bars shape with clips to easily attach to any modern TV. Kind of like a mini Kinect.

The non-detachable USB cable isn't great. Would have been much better to just have a mini-USB port so you could choose your own length of cable.

This is just nitpicking thou, it's a great start... I'm sure the technology will be refined at a later stage of the PS3's lifecycle thou



James said:

Welcome to our new members! Thanks for sharing your feedback on Move, and it's interesting to see many of the same issues coming up.

I think the camera is definitely lacking these days, and I'm not even convinced it was that good when it was first launched. It really struggles in low lighting and as you've all said, it just doesn't look that nice! With Sony redesigning the machine, headset etc. I'm sure they're working on an improved camera too.

Calibration is a chore too, I don't mind it in some games but with each game having different requirements it can put you off playing one game over another. Definitely not a good thing.



JDig said:

Not a hardware issue but devs need to produce a fast fun shooter to rival the likes of Goldeneye Wii. I love the potential of Move because I find stick aiming so counter intuitive but you can hardly hop on MAG for a quick blast.



hamispink said:

I think that having calibration built into the os wouldn't work, considering that the calibration for games like eyepet, sports champions, and mag are VERY different. a standard calibration process would have issues with different games IMO.



James said:

@JDig Welcome! Good idea too. I'm sure we'll see plenty of games like this next year - Killzone 3 and MAG are obviously aimed at very hardcore gamers, but with games like The Shoot being produced I think it shows Sony is very conscious of a wider audience. There's the potential for some really good stuff on Move, FPS-wise.



jason3064 said:

i agree that a standardised calibration process would help a great deal.also the camera needs to be be upgraded to a sleeker and more powerful one.



Swolern said:

@ James Newton. I agree that move for FPS works great on MAG. It is very satisfying to point at someone to shoot them and not just move a d-pad.



James said:

@Swolern Exactly, let's hope Killzone can offer that same feeling.

I worry that the FPS market is basically a "most hardcore" competition and there won't be room for a more casual, quick blast FPS for Move. We'll see though!



Slapshot said:

@James.... I seriously doubt you will see a casual offering with Move in the FPS realm. To do so require game play tweaks to cater for the casual gamer. That is not something that would go over with the Sony audience, especially with the major FPS titles offered by Sony.



James said:

@Slapshot82 A nice PSN title, like a HD version of Water Warfare, would go down a treat with me, but I'm not holding my breath!



JDig said:

I wouldn't class a game like Goldeneye Wii as casual, nor myself a casual gamer. After 20 years of gaming I've just also picked up more responsibilities in life than would allow for hours of coordinating attacks with a clan over a headset. If companies like Sony are scared of alienating one demographic by catering to another then they do so at the expense of sales and profit, which ultimately impacts on us all.



Slapshot said:

@James... oh I agree a great FPS PSN title or even a retail release would be great. My concern is with watering down a title like Killzone or Resistance to fit a casual style of play. It would cause balancing issues which is a vital area in online gaming.

@JDig... I don't think Sony alienates anyone at all. The major FPS fan base on either Sony or Microsoft platforms are hardcore FPS fans. Black Ops profited 300+ Million in 24hrs in just the US/UK regions. Watering down a franchise that is a majority hardcore fan base is not a smart financial move.

Goldeneye Wii is not a casual affair either, but the forgiveness of the WiiMote allows a casual gamer to have a decent chance of playing, where the Move will challenge even the most hardcore gamers you can find, but offers a level of precision that can only be rivaled by a Mouse/Keyboard setup.

MAG for instance patched in the Move support and the game play stayed the exact same, but Move is not for the casual gamers there at all. It would take game play tweaks to allow a casual gamer to have a fighting chance in MAG with Move in hand. By doing that though, would create a unbalance in the game that would in the end just be exploited by all the gamers and could potentially destroy the game.



James said:

I think JDig is talking about a brand new shooter built from the ground up for Move, rather than tweaking its existing franchises to be more casual-friendly. A title designed specifically around Move from the start whilst aiming to be a bit less demanding than MAG or Killzone would be A OK in my books!

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