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Sony: "We Underestimated Demand for Move Controllers"

Posted by James Newton

Might struggle for stock over Christmas

When putting together your PlayStation move set-up you probably didn't encounter many issues getting a Starter Pack, console bundle or Navigation sub-controller, but you may have struggled to lay your hands on a standalone Move controller.

Peter Dille, Sony's marketing senior vice president in the US, has said that the company misjudged the demand for the controller and that stores might struggle to keep it in stock until February.

This backs up a statement released by GameStop last week in which the retail giant's president Tony Bartel told investors it was experiencing short supplies of Move:

Demand is very, very strong - like the Wii phenomenon where we had customers following UPS trucks to our stores - you'll have the same with Move and Kinect.

The bottom line seems to be buy standalone Move controllers if you see them, or wait until February. Your call.


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Strofan7 said:

Kicking myself here, saw Target stock 4 of these in front of me last week and I walked right by. I feel like I could've made a killer on ebay haha



swapnilgyani said:

That's true. I'm yet to see a SINGLE stand-alone move wand in the stores around me! The starter kit seems to be almost always in stock, and the navigation wands are lying around all the time!



James said:

Agreed, I've also seen loads of Navigations and Starter Packs but only one or two Moves separately. Sort it out!



Weskerb said:

Me too. I can't get a move controller for love nor money where I am. Unless I buy another starter pack, which I've actually considered but obviously don't want to do.



Stuffgamer1 said:

It just so happens that when I had to replace my PS3 last month and got the Move bundle console, my GameStop had ONE stand-alone Move controller in stock. I pounced.

I'm not the LEAST bit surprised this happened, though. Businesses underestimating demand for products is a never-ending problem, especially when it comes to accessories.



danschemen said:

where i live there are a lot of move controllers not selling just sitting on the shelves.



cheapogamer4life said:

Well... I'm still looking forward to picking up a Move controller and camera used from GS by VT4 release day. :/

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