If Kinect is for casual, Move is for more accomplished gamers, with M2 Research's senior analyst Billy Pidgeon backing Sony's strategy in selling the motion controller to regular gamers.

Speaking to IndustryGamers Pidgeon emphasised Move's appeal to enthusiastic gamers thanks to solid titles such as MAG, Heavy Rain and more.

Move is currently more of an attraction for gaming enthusiasts, primarily because PS3 is still selling into the base, and Sony is right to position Move as precise motion control for the hardcore.

Upcoming core games like Killzone 3 should help to cement Move's claims as a super-precise motion controller for committed gamers, complementing PS3's all-around core package. That said, there's no shortage of more casual games already available, though they haven't been brilliant – check out our TV Superstars review to see what we mean.

[via industrygamers.com]