German manufacturer Snakebyte has emerged as the first manufacturer to offer its own line of PlayStation Move controllers, starting in January 2011.

Recent PS3 firmware updates have rendered some third-party controllers out of action, but Snakebyte has a cunning plan, equipping its controllers with the ability to receive firmware updates via USB.

As well as putting out its own version of the Move and Navigation, Snakebyte is also launching its own camera, called the "snake-eye", which comes with its own handy TV mount.

Will you be picking up any of these unofficial controllers next year?

snakebyte announces PlayStation Move Product Range

Starting in January 2010, the peripherals manufacturer will offer a complete range of products for Sony's PS3 motion control system

Hemer, November 18th, 2010 Today the peripherals manufacturer snakebyte, known for its high-quality peripherals for all console, handheld and PC gaming systems, announced a new line of PlayStation Move devices. The planned line includes not only a motion controller and a navigation controller but also a camera, the snake-eye.

Both controllers feature a rubberized shell for better grip and an ergonomic design. In order to keep up with future firmware updates, both controllers have built-in USB ports so that they can be quickly and easily updated with the latest software.

In addition to its modern, attractive design in the snakebyte style, the snake-eye comes with an additional mount that makes it possible to attach it to the top of a TV.

All snakebyte Move products are 100% compatible with Sony products and other 3rd party products, like chargers.

All products in the line will also be available as attractive bundles that offer every gamer just the right combination. The following products and bundles will be available:

  • Navigation + Motion Controller
  • Navigation + Motion Controller + snake-eye
  • Navigation Controller
  • Motion Controller
  • snake-eye (camera)

“With the snakebyte Move line we offer gamers attractive motion and navigation controller bundles, as well as a complete set including the camera, which bring the full PlayStation Move gaming experience to life,” says Mike Steup, managing director of Sunflex Europe GmbH.