The demo of Kinect Star Wars caught the imagination of Jedi fans everywhere, and Move's augmented reality capabilities combined with its 1:1 controller tracking is surely a recipe for a great Star Wars game. But whose would be better? You'll never guess which one Sony engineer Anton Mikhailov would favour.

In a brief chat with Eurogamer, Mikhailov claims "there's no way Kinect can do a good lightsaber game", and although there's yet to be a Star Wars game unveiled for Move "it'll be damn better than Kinect's," reckons the engineer.

I'm not in the product planning division so unfortunately I can't tell you much more about that, but technologically it's 100 per cent feasible. We can overlay objects over the controller in AR. You've seen that in Start the Party, and swords are a really popular one. The fidelity is certainly there to do all sorts of Star Wars kid-style action. You can very well do the lightsaber.

Make it happen, LucasArts: it would sell more Moves than you can imagine.