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EyeToy Retrospective Video Makes a Good Case for Buttons

Posted by James Newton

"People like holding things"

You may already be aware that PlayStation Move started on PS2, but this nifty video from Dr Richard Marks and the team at Sony is a neat look back at the legacy of the original EyeToy. It also contains a few thinly-veiled digs at Microsoft's Kinect sensor as Dr Marks talks up the importance of buttons, precision and the fact people just naturally like holding things in their hands.

The full video is over at the official US PlayStation Blog and is a fascinating watch for everyone interested in the past, present and future of Sony's motion controller.


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King_Boo said:

video was good, they should do a rundown by genre to say what games would or wouldn't work, like shooters wouldn't nor complex fighters, real racers, or most other than dancing and workout games.



Slapshot said:

OMG that is right. PS2 had a EyeToy game called Kinect and its basically old version of Microsofts Kinect. Wow... that is just funny



JamieO said:

It was interesting to hear about Dr Richard Marks' educational background, as he studied for a PhD in 'Underwater Robotics', plus how his parents owned a gaming shop when he was a kid, so he was playing games all the time.

I spotted the thinly-veiled dig, where he was saying that the controller-free EyeToy experience started off as feeling magical, but did not extend much past the confines of a shallow mini-game. We will find out in time if, by holding the Move controller in our hands, it opens more gameplay opportunities than Kinect.

This sort of video is enjoyable to a fan of PS Move, it is good to hear about Sony's work in this area over the last ten years. I agree with @Joe22, a vid in which Sony analysed how each genre would work with Move would be interesting, I still want to find out if we will be holding the wand on its side to play racing games. This is only because in my head I figure that, by the camera tracking the orb, emulating the motions of a steering wheel will be more complicated to implement than it was for tilting the Wii Remote left and right.

Cheers for posting this, Movemodo.

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