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Deadstorm Pirates to Swash PSN Buckles in Europe This Month

Posted by James Newton

Pirate shooter ahoy!

It's already been first mate in the shooting compilation Time Crisis: Razing Storm and now Deadstorm Pirates is set to captain its own course towards PlayStation Store this month.

Retailing at £15.99 or €19.99, the game will feature all the two-player blasting action of its Blu-ray release as well as online leaderboards. There's currently no word on if it'll be made available in North America, but we'll let you know if it is.

We thought Deadstorm Pirates was the best part of Namco Bandai's recent shooter collection, as you can read in our Time Crisis: Razing Storm review. We'll have a full assessment of this one shortly after it walks the PSN plank later this month.


  • Frantic Pirate Arcade Shooter Coming to the Online Service this November, Compatible with PlayStation®Move and G-conTM3 -

CERGY-PONTOISE, FRANCE – 9 November 2010 – NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe prepares to splice the mainbrace and set sail on the hunt for buried treasure with the news that recent machine gun-wielding arcade gem Deadstorm Pirates ™ is coming to PlayStation®Network in Europe this November for PlayStation®3, priced 19.99 € / £15.99. The furious arcade action adventure game is fully compatible with the PlayStation®Move motion controller and G-con™3 gun controller.

Following its arcade release earlier in 2010, Deadstorm Pirates ™ has assembled a hearty crew of fans around the world. In the game, players step into the shoes of valiant young swashbucklers and join forces to tackle hordes of vicious enemies and foul creatures of the deep in two player co-op arcade adventures. The game offers loads of trigger-happy high seas action in solo play, but there’s even more fun to be had when you plunder and pillage with a trusty pal at your side.

Man the helm, navigate terrifying rapids, blast your endless-ammo rapid-fire machine guns into foes, despatch cannon balls at ship-shattering velocity and much more as you traverse the open seas in search of Poseidon's Treasure. Climb up the global online rankings solo or with your faithful pirate partner to sort the truly fearless few from the cruise ship tourists.

Deadstorm Pirates ™ will also be available on the Blu-ray Disc™ of TIME CRISIS™: RAZING STORM™ scheduled for European launch this November from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

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Damo said:

This was the best thing about the Razing Storm package by a mile, but man, that price is insane. What were they smoking when they came up with that? This is a very basic light-gun shooter with limited appeal. There's no way this should be more than £9.99.



James said:

Still a damn sight cheaper than buying the arcade cabinet, though!



Slapshot said:

Huh, I saw the Tweet earlier and didn't realize what this was exactly. Does seem a bit overpriced when the Time Crisis Disc will be cheap in the matter of months.

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