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de Blob 2 Gets a Lick of HD Paint and Move Controls

Posted by James Newton

Colour us intrigued

The original de Blob for Wii was a critical success for THQ, so much so that the publisher is branching out onto other formats with the sequel. de Blob 2 is on the way to PS3 in February next year, and it's bringing PlayStation Move controls to boot.

Bringing more of the same paint-splattering platforming action as the previous game, this new title will also be playable in stereoscopic 3D for extra eye-popping points. The team has also taken onboard criticism of the original game's controls, with jumping now mapped to the Move button rather than motion-activated, and the extra precision afforded by Move should make the game even easier and more enjoyable to control.

The brand new footage below combines in-game video with rendered footage, but it's looking absolutely excellent and a welcome addition to Move's software line-up. de Blob 2 is expected to launch in February next year.

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rjejr said:

Perfect timing as my sons and I decided to give deBlob to their cousin. We still don't have Move but I'm getting more tempted by the day.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I've never played the first one...I wonder if it's likely to be a problem? Keeping in mind that to me, any and all plot connections count as a big problem.



James said:

Then yes, for you it'll be a big problem as it's the same characters from the first one (I believe). Still looks ace though and I can't wait to try it in HD and 3D!

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