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Capcom: Expect an Evolved Move Controller for PlayStation 4

Posted by James Newton

Sony will learn from Move says Capcom boss

David Reeves, current head of Capcom Europe and former boss of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has spoken to Eurogamer about the importance of supporting Move beyond PlayStation 3's life cycle.

I think [motion control is] the preamble to what might come in the next static consoles. There's so much investment in those systems, they'll have to use it for the next static consoles as well. Or a modification. They'll learn a lot from this.


With PlayStation Move having its origins way back in the PlayStation 2 it wouldn't be surprising for it to outlast the PS3 as it outlasted PS2, but there would undoubtedly be improvements made to the next-generation version of Move as the technology updates. Would Move replace the standard DualShock controller however, or would it simply be an alternative? Time will tell.


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danschemen said:

i think it should be an alternative or do the thing nintendo does that makes the classic controller pro also work with most games



King_Boo said:

I think they should be combined somehow. maybe the next controller would be able to change shape. depends I guess when the next system comes out
weird idea came to me, maybe they'll model it after the N64 controller, I can't fully picture it, but it seems like all the functions needed could be there.



Slapshot said:

Only thing I see that needs work is the camera. The Eyetoy is dated tech and needs to be upgraded!



Swolern said:

I agree with slapshot move contols work great and im a big fan for the tracking percision, but camara quality sucks. It makes Augmented Reality applications worthless.



Token_Girl said:

They needed to come out with a Classic Controller for Wii, so yes, I think you'll see both regular and motion controllers stick around for the foreseeable future.

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