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Yuji Naka Working on Secret Move Game

Posted by James Newton

Gaming legend branches out

Yuji Naka, the man commonly (though erroneously) credited with creating Sonic the Hedgehog, left the Sega nest some years ago to create his own company, Prope. Since then, he's worked on Wii party title Let's Tap and bird-rescuing Ivy the Kiwi? on DS and Wii, but he's also spreading his wings on other formats, including Move and Kinect.

An enlightening interview with the Telegraph brought up the question of Mr Naka's interest in new control schemes:

Telegraph: Talking of motion control. Are you interested in making games for PS Move or Kinect?
Yuji Naka: I like working with all the new technology and hardware! I am already working on a few different projects on Move and Kinect. I’m not in a position to tell you about it yet, unfortunately, but I am already working on these devices.

Mr Naka is set to reveal a new action title that's been long in development: could this possibly be using PlayStation Move? We'll find out soon.


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Slapshot said:

I always wanted a game called "Secret Game" hopefully it will live up to my high expectations

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