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Ubisoft CEO Sees Geographic Split for Move and Kinect

Posted by James Newton

Gadgets to dominate one territory each

It's the showdown that gamers and industry insiders alike are anticipating to determine the future of PS3 and Xbox 360: Kinect vs. Move. "You are the Controller" vs. "It Only Does Everything", "No Buttons" vs. "Yay Buttons" and so on. Yves Guillemot, CEO of global superpower Ubisoft, has a novel take on the eventual outcome though: each gadget taking a territory each.

I think it will be very interesting to see what happens in the US and Europe. I don’t like to say who will win, but I think one will win in one territory and one in the other.

Ubisoft is supporting both motion systems, with Racket Sports and R.U.S.E. already available for Move and Michael Jackson: The Experience on the way to both Move and Kinect next year. The company also takes a more literal view that both control methods are the future, even looking ahead to the successors to PS3 and Xbox 360:

So that’s what we love – it’s not just an investment in this generation, it’s building the next one too. The next generation of consoles will automatically use all of these motion-sensing innovations and so a lot more people will be able to play with the next generation of consoles.

Do you agree that Move and Kinect can share global power with one major territory each? If so, do you think Move will dominate in North America or Europe? Let us know!


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Paranoimia said:

As a PlayStation fan, I'm not going to be seen as anything but biased. But if I'm honest, from what I've seen of Kinect so far, anyone who buys it needs their head examined... especially at that price. And I'd say the same even if the Move didn't exist.



Alessa said:

Kinect is awesome... But only as an interface, not as a gaming device, I just don't see the point of driving with an invisible wheel or jumping on a hard floor simulating it's a raft.



Strofan7 said:

Yeah I look for MORE realism in games, not LESS. Like Alessa said, who wants to drive a car grasping air? or Shoot an invisible gun? I want to hold something that feels more like whatever its simulating.

Make no mistake, Kinect will do some amazing things. Just those amazing things are going to be limited in gaming I feel.



Slapshot said:

The problem that really concerns me with Kinect is by its extreme innovation of controllerless gaming it actually creates a limitation. I caught this on the E3 showing of Forza, you can only control the steering of the game as there is no way to accelerate/brake wich is vital elements to the game, especially in a fantastic racing simulator like Forza.

Kinect will eventually need to have a controller implemented in my opinion to ever cater to the hardcore gamers, and on that topic, Kinect has really failed to show any real hardcore support to its gamers. X360 has always been about its loyal fanbase and Kinect seems to abandon them. I almost think Microsoft would have been better off making a new console out of Kinect, and the "Kinect is the future of 360" talk worries me.

Move has already proven what Sony promised Playstion fans. Hardcore support. MAG, Heavy Rain, RE5, Sports Championships, etc are already on the books just a few months out the door.

I think both will be great additions to their consoles offering unique gaming titles to gamers. I think Move being a "extra addition" to the PS3 platform and Sony understanding that and will continue to create games such as Uncharted 3, GT5,etc that give gamers exactly what they want in the games and not watering them down to fit in motion controls is great and very much appeals to my gaming style.

Every game doesnt need motion control!



danschemen said:

i can easily see move beating kinect hands down. it's already out and really the idea of having no controller for a system that considers itself as a hardcore gaming system shouldn't be making the games they are making for it.



3-Above said:

The US is practically Xbox land so its safe to say Kinect will sell here. But Move seems to be far more popular with the European market. So i guess thats what he meant. That said i still think in the long run Move will win out over Kinenct becasue Kinects games are too childish.

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