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Start the Party's Japanese Box Art is Truly Amazing

Posted by James Newton

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Whilst we Western PlayStation owners sometimes get a raw deal when box art makes the trip from Japan – just ask anyone who picked up an American Ico – it's not always a one-day street, as evidenced by this amazing Start the Party! box art from the Far East.

The remainder of Move software fares significantly better, with Beat Sketcher getting a rather cool and inspirational cover. It's also available with the Move controller and PlayStation Eye for 5,980 yen, around £46 or US$74, making it the cheapest Starter Pack with a game and no doubt accounting for its recent Japanese chart success.

We've also galleried the box art for Kung Fu Rider (known as Sliding City in Japan) and the PlayStation Move BIG 3 GUN SHOOTING Perfect Pack because we just love the name.

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Dazza said:

It's so bad, it becomes good, then immediately back to bad again. This looks like something my 2 year old girl might draw on her Etch A Sketch!



James said:

The chickens do actually look like that in game as well. It's quite realistic in that sense.



Stuffgamer1 said:

It's better than the American box, IMO. But I think I'd always rather have insane drawings than pictures of real people pasted within fake TV screens.



The_Fox said:

Come on, now. If I can draw something better than that you know they're just not trying.

On another note, that thing on Me & My Pet freaks me the hell out.

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