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Sly Cooper Collection Unmasked for November 9th US Launch

Posted by James Newton

Move minigame screenshots inside!

If you had a PS2, and you didn't play any of the Sly Cooper games... let's just say you missed out on some fine entertainment. It's okay though, you didn't miss out completely: Sony is bringing The Sly Collection (The Sly Trilogy in Europe) to PS3 later this year, and it's coming equipped with PlayStation Move minigames.

It'll have four such minigames in fact, one each for Sly, Bentley, Carmelita and Murray, with Sony promising the games will "capture an aspect of the character and present it in a way that's great fun to play", so we're no clearer on what the minigames will actually entail. They'll all be multiplayer though, so you don't need to play them solo. Below you can see two screenshots of the games: if you have any idea what's going on in them, please let us know.

We were rather hoping that the whole games would have been remastered with Move support as combat with Sly could have been a great deal of fun, but the trilogy will be DualShock 3 only.

The Sly Collection is coming to North America on November 9th, with a European release date before Christmas. There's a new trailer on the official PlayStation Blog that's well worth a sneaky watch.

How much will these three games, remastered in HD and stereoscopic 3D set you back? Just $39.99. Now that really is a steal.

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James said:

I also never got the chance to play them, but from watching the video they look pretty cool games. Looking forward to trying them!



Slapshot said:

So close I've had my copy paid up on preorder for like 4 months. I can't wait!

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