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Sly Cooper Collection Screenshots a Bit Hit and Miss

Posted by James Newton

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The Sly Collection is set to revamp all three Sly Cooper adventures from the PlayStation 2 in brand new HD-o-vision, with some 3D effects and PlayStation Move minigames thrown in for good measure. Now we've got some fresh screenshots of the pack to share with you, but they may not be quite as polished as you'd expect.

Whilst the character models look a lot sharper and crisper, the textures aren't quite as clear as we would like. Of course, these are PlayStation 2 games at heart, so it's hard to gripe too much about any graphical failings: we'll just be happy to play these three games again on PS3.

The game's Move support comes in the form of minigames that can be played with either the Move controller or standard DualShock, rather than attempting to remap the game's entire control scheme to a Move controller: probably a wise decision, but time will tell.

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Stuffgamer1 said:

They look just fine to me...very much keeping with the style of the games. It's not so much lacking in clarity as it is an artistic decision. I saw a comparison video they released a while back, and the Collection looks significantly superior in entirety, no doubt.



James said:

Shots like this one are what led me to say they're a bit hit and miss. The characters are really nice and crisp but the texture on the sign is kind of crummy. I know it's hard to remaster three games in HD so I don't want to be too critical!



SwerdMurd said:

this is kinda par the course for this type of graphical update....always a lot more potential in character models than stage backgrounds. The God of War revamps were the same deal.



Slapshot said:

Yep, God of War collection is the same way, it depends on how the graphics are rendered previously. Some of the graphics will not make the HD jump and some will.

The fact that we are getting the game rereleased is perfect for me. With all the greatness that was released on PS2 I missed out on these titles and Ive had this preordered since the day it was available for it at Gamestop!

EDIT... oh unless it has changed, Sly Cooper 3 is the Only title in the collection to recieve new game elements, being the new minigames with the Move controller.



mjc0961 said:

Considering it's Sucker Punch, the guys who made these mediocre games in the first place and the makers of inFamous, the game so bad it's only worth playing to learn what not to do when making a game, any polish at all is more than I expected from a company that clearly couldn't make a good game if their lives depended on it.



Slapshot said:

@mjc... you are clearly in a minority with that statement around here. Infamous is a great game, it gets repetive if you try for a Platinum trophy, otherwise its a incredible game, and Im no fan of sandbox stlye gametypes.



Knux said:

The Sly Cooper Collection looks fine to me. I have never played a Sly Cooper game before, so this a day one purchase for me. Infamous is an awesome game, even though it can get a little repititive sometimes.

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