The SingStar franchise is changing: the gaming world's pre-eminent karaoke experience has had its market share nibbled away in recent years by a slew of other singing titles, so the next SingStar will add a new string to its bow.

SingStar Dance, as the name suggests, will let gamers groove and warble to a brand new tracklisting, using the PlayStation Move to pick up their funky moves. Sony hopes the new addition will help to combat one of the biggest issues with karaoke games, i.e. it's boring when your friends are singing and you haven't got anything to do. In Dance, two players can sing while another duo performs a range of dance moves using Move controllers.

To entice more wannabe pop sensations into joining the SingStar army, Sony is releasing a "Party Pack" in North America, containing the game and two wired microphones, for the same price as the standalone game: a rather tasty $39.99.

SingStar Dance is released across America on November 9th, just in time for the party season and the perfect opportunity to show off the incredible accuracy and motion controlled fidelity of your Move controllers to your family. Or get them all boozed up and embarrassing themselves, they're both good options.