It's the most wonderful time of the year: when kids put together their lists to Santa, asking for all those wonderful treats they've dreamt of all year long. Duracell has put together a report of the most asked-for presents of the year, and PlayStation Move made the top ten.

Move came out in 8th position, polling 4% of the most-wanted vote, just shy of Kinect's 6%. Both devices fail to stand up to Apple's iProducts which dominate the line-up – iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad fill out the top three positions with a whopping 39% of kids putting an iOS device at the top of their lists.

The good news for PS3-owning kids, however, is that the average spend on Christmas presents is around £150, which goes an awful lot further with PlayStation Move than either Kinect, set to retail at £129.99, or any of the listed Apple devices.