Whilst the Wii received endless gun attachments, their white plastic made them look rather less menacing than some of the add-ons we've already seen for Move. Accessory manufacturer CTA Digital has just released shots of its new submachine gun attachment for the Move, and it's a masculine piece of plastic and no mistake.

Although it has a slightly blocky look in places, it features a removable stock and sight allowing you to get to grips with it in various ways. The official description describes its look as "distinct quasi-futuristic styling", but it's really just a cool looking gun.

Expect to see the accessory on the shelves of Target and Best Buy in the near future.

For PS3 users that crave heavy artillery, look no further than the Submachine Gun for the PlayStation Move. It has the size and weight that serious military gamers have long been clamoring for. Plus it can be easily adjusted to resemble firearms from most modern and future combat titles via the removable scope and stock, to also suit any gamer’s personal preference. Simply place the Motion Controller up front, in the barrel area, and slip the Navigation Controller into the handle portion, for a unique yet highly intuitive light gun gaming accessory.

[via ctadigital.com]