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Move Sold "Below Expectations" in US, Claims Analyst

Posted by James Newton

But it's Pachter, so get the salt ready

Although the NPD reports claim PlayStation Move drove accessory sales upwards last month, and Sony claiming Move is outselling its expectations in Europe, it's not all roses and sunshine in Move World according to US analyst Wedbush Morgan's main games mouthpiece Michael Pachter.

Even though we believe Move sold well below expectations in its first month, we expect it, along with the Kinect (launching November 4), to drive hardware sales at holiday.

Of course this raises a few questions: how many units did Move sell after all, and whose expectations are we measuring against? Hopefully we'll have answers soon, but either way, expect the controller's sales to grow and grow in the run-up to Christmas.


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Paranoimia said:

Meh. I've not so much got the salt ready, as the shovel to whack him and bury him with.

As you say, measured against whose expectations? I doubt he knows how many SCEA expected to sell, and frankly, anyone else's expectations are irrelevant.



danschemen said:

wait they thought it REALLY was going to sell just by remaking what the wii did about 5 years ago, lol



Paranoimia said:

It's unfortunate, though perhaps inevitable, that people have that misconception that it's "like the Wii" - it's far, far better.



danschemen said:

@paranoimia i've played it and it is impressive but i don't think it will become more popular than the wii because it's only an accessory unlike the wii.



mjc0961 said:

"But it's Pachter, so get the salt ready"

My thoughts exactly. I also like #1's shovel idea.



Slapshot said:

Everyone Ive talked to in my city that sells Move has said it sold way above their expectations, so this is kinda new news to me. Ive heard nothing but positve about its sells.



Chrono_Cross said:

Unless Sony gets some worthwhile software out there, then Move will remain hopeless.

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