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Move Has a Lot More Plastic Guns Than We Realised

Posted by James Newton

Almost every one, apparently

We've done our best to keep you up to date with the rapidly-changing world of PlayStation Move accessories, from Lego-looking submachine guns to fairly hideous plastic pistols, but it turns out there's more plastic guns than we realised. A lot more.

Site iWaggle3D has trawled the 'net to locate every plastic gun under the sun, turning up no fewer than 13 shooting attachments in every style imaginable, from customisable rifles to alien-styled pistols.

With plenty of new shooters on the horizon no doubt these gun 'enhancements' will continue to grow in spectacular numbers.


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Adz2k7 said:

Wow, and Move hasn't even been available for long...
There could be hundreds in a years time.



mjc0961 said:

And not a single one of them does anything to enhance the gameplay experience. I'm sure they're all detrimental to it though, what with making the rest of the Move's buttons hard to reach.



natendo said:

@mjc0961: My thoughts exactly. I guess some people think it’s an easy gift idea or something. I would rather prefer a PSN point card than a plastic peripheral instead.

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