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Move Can be a Bridge Between PC Gamers and DualShock Lovers

Posted by James Newton

Controller is mouse and keyboard-friendly

We already know that DualShock players best Move users when it comes to Killzone 3, mostly due to the unfamiliarity of the Move technology compared to the well-worn DualShock controllers we've all been using for the best part of fifteen years. One part of the gaming population may find the adjustment easier though: PC gamers.

Killzone 3 producer Steven Ter Heide hopes the implementation of Move controls in the upcoming Helghast blastathon will help to bring experienced mouse jockeys across to the console FPS:

There is a whole PC gamer audience out there who have always been complaining that the mouse and keyboard are a lot better than an actual DualShock, and the Move is a kind of bridge between that.

Although the same thing was said about the Wii years ago, Nintendo's console didn't bring a huge number of PC gamers across, but perhaps the PS3 will fare better on that front.


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Token_Girl said:

While it is much closer to the Mouse/Keyboard setup and can actually RUN most of the games coming out for PC (which is probably the big reason PC gamers didn't jump all over the Wii), I'm not sure how much of an impact it'll have. You can aim with a mouse much more quickly/precisely than you can actually point and shoot, even with Move (some would complain unrealistically so). You can hook up a PC to play on your TV as well.

I'd be willing to bet it'll convert a few, due to the realism factor, and the convenience of playing on your TV, and the affordability of not having to upgrade your system all the time. I'm betting most PC gamers enjoy the tinkering with the computers aspect about it, the ability to mod games, the prevalence of MMORPGS (are there any decent console ones?), and/or the precision of the controls too much to be swayed by Move.



Slapshot said:

I think its a possibility as well. I started off with online shooters way back with Delta Force Black Hawk Down and loved the mouse controls. Ive since become a console diehard as I grew tired of having to update my computer constantly and I think Wii and Move both bridge the gap a good deal.

I dont see Move becoming a standard controller format for Sony, but its a great alternate control method and my time with MAG and Move has just been great fun, but I still enjoy my Dualshock as well. I think Move really shines in the likes of Sports Championships, Tumble, etc. and the upcoming Sorcery and The Fight will showcase a great style of gameplay with Move.



mjc0961 said:

Nope, I will not be playing KZ3 with Move no matter what. Point and shoot makes my wrist cry. I can use a standard controller or a mouse much easier.

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