Move and Kinect are two totally different technologies, offering widely varied gameplay experiences: we know this, you know this. Microsoft Game Studios vice president Phil Spencer knows this too, talking up his company's motion sensor ahead of its US launch next week.

Whilst Spencer claims to own a Move controller himself, he's keen to stress that Kinect is more immersive than Sony's magic wand:

For us, there is no hardware interface between you and what goes on on the screen. If you want to jump on the screen, you just jump. If you want to kick the soccer ball on the screen, you raise your leg. If you want to steer the car, you put your hands out and steer. The idea that there's no interface tracking the motion of something – it's actually tracking your skeleton and what you're telling the 360 through your movements what you want to happen – it's a different immersive experience.

So far we here at Movemodo have had some pretty immersive experiences with Move, including hunting down a serial killer in Heavy Rain, holing out on the links in John Daly's ProStroke Golf and escaping the evil Majini in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, all with the precise motion controls you'd expect from PlayStation Move. When Kinect gets a line-up as varied as that, let us know, Phil.