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Microsoft Pays Move Another Back-Handed Compliment

Posted by James Newton

"It's a great product but..."

Microsoft's Phil Spencer recently said he owned a Move but preferred Kinect, and now Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has thrown his hat in the Move vs. Kinect ring.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Greenberg initially attempted to dodge the question with the old reliable "there's room in the marketplace for both" line, but when pressed further his response was telling:

First off, it's a great product and the reviews seem to be pretty favourable. But they've targeted it purely to existing owners. They've said you can decide whether you want to play existing titles on the platform, like SOCOM, with the controller or with Move.

Our approach has been different. We're not going to take Halo, a game you love playing with the controller, and offer you the option to play it with a different interface which may or may not have been designed for that game. We want to build completely unique experiences from the ground up which are designed for Kinect. It's just a different approach.

Sony has ten brand new Move-exclusive titles either out now or on the way to Move in the next few months, all of which have been created to show off what Move can do, and the fact that Move is bundled with the 320GB system shows Sony is setting out to lure new console owners in with its magic wand.

Whilst Kinect and Move are indeed both vastly different approaches to motion control, claiming that Sony isn't bringing new experiences to Move simply isn't true, as our list of PlayStation Move games ably proves.


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Token_Girl said:

In other words, Kinect isn't as versatile as Move and can only be used on games built from the ground up for it.

I love stirring the fanboy pot.



Slapshot said:

Gota love the talk from one company to the other lol. Truth be told, they both are very similar and the games for them are very similar.

Move just has shown so far that it can do more than casual motion control games better so far.



SwerdMurd said:

But I don't love playing Halo with a controller...why is he telling me I do?

I forsee a lot of the same growing pains that the early Wii/DS lineups had (shallow, incomplete games that cost full price)

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