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MAG Move Developer Video Light on Details, Big on Knifing

Posted by James Newton

Behind the scenes with Zipper

Despite being filmed in what looks like a level from an early Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game, this developer video from Zipper Interactive gives a few insights into Move controls in MAG.

The whole video comes off as slick and more like a promotional video than an informative developer diary, but it does give you some chance to see Move controls in action, including plenty of stabbings. Designer Ben Jones says the Move controls give players an edge, something that disagrees with Guerilla Games' appraisal of the situation.

Have a read through our MAG review to see why this one earned a well-deserved 8/10 rating.

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Slapshot said:

Ive definately got some work to do on my stabbing skills

I think the video really has moments that show how Move has the advantage over the Dualshock when you approach multiple enemies and can easily take them down because of the speed and accuracy you have with Move compared to the Dualshock.

Move is definatley for the advanced MAG user!

Great article James



Koooookalo said:

So far, I've found that I'm a MUCH better sniper with the move than I am with the dualshock, and that's probably because of the range of movement possible with the move compared to just one thumbstick. Close quarters combat is a little tough for me at the moment, but I'm slowly improving. I can't wait to see what other FPS devs do with this technology. I'm excited about the potential for movement in any direction, rather than a wii fps control scheme.



Swolern said:

I agree the move controls give a much more immersive feel to FPS. I actually rented MAG before when it first came out and returned it because I didnt like it that much. But now with the move controls and all the other 2.0 update content, MAG has moved up to one of my favorite FPS. Only thing left would be 3D update. That would be total immersion, and I would be willing to pay for that.
Being pretty much a beginner at MAG I see the move as easier to use than the DS3 in certain aspects. Sniping is much easier to get precise shots. But stabbing should be moved to a button b/c every time you thrust the move to stab the camera shakes around and you loose your positioning. But all in all great job Zipper you convinced me move is great for FPS and you left me wanting more.



Slapshot said:

I agree with both you guys, and welcome to the site.

After the somewhat negative recent comments with Move and Killzone 3 it makes me wonder if they are trying to implement Move differently than in MAG. Killzone 2 and its crazy apporach to controls was a huge letdown for me.

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