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LittleBigPlanet 2's Move Support Comes Later via DLC

Posted by James Newton

Demo taster on the disc, however

Here's a move that's likely to divide opinion: the recently delayed LittleBigPlanet 2 won't feature full Move support from day one, with implementation for the controller added in later via downloadable content.

Media Molecule made the announcement today at Eurogamer EXPO, stating that there would be a sample of the game's Move controls available on the Blu-ray at launch, with the full Move experience available later on. There was no comment on whether or not the content would be free.

How do you feel about this announcement?


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siavm said:

That sounds lazy, especially seeing as the game was delayed to next year.



Dragonfly said:

godd stuff maybe it'll be with a level/costume pack which would be awesome as i always wanted to walk around on lbp as a move controller. [not giving you crap, i do]



Chrono_Cross said:

The original was amazing and seeing the Move used in this game would be unique to see.



Token_Girl said:

Better off waiting for the GOTY edition anyways. It'll come with whatever paid dlc had come out after the original PLUS be cheaper.



Tokool2007 said:

The Move is an accessory. This system is not the Wii. It doesn't have to have Move support. Move is awesome, don't get me wrong, but Move support on Create was horrible. The configuration was horrible and the pointer didn't work. I don't see where movie will be needed during LBP2. I just hope it's better than Create's.

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