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Get a Closer Look at Resident Evil 5's Move Controls

Posted by James Newton

PlayStation Blog goes in for the kill

You might have already read our Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition review and in-depth description of how the controls work, but if your thirst for Move control knowledge is as insatiable as the Majini we might be able to put an end to those cravings.

The official US PlayStation Blog took a closer look at how the controller is used in-game, from shooting to inventory management. The game's Product Manager, Matt Dahlgren, also responds to some comments about why it's necessary to hold down T to aim your weapon, though not about why the Move-enabling patch isn't available for the standard Resident Evil 5.

Head over to the PlayStation Blog to check the video out.


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danschemen said:

i think the controls are fine they were good with resident evil 4 and they are good with resident evil 5. so people STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT!



JamieO said:

I can see where people are coming from, the two main points of contention are that some gamers would have preferred to be able to fire with the trigger and that the combination of aiming around the screen with Move whilst using the Navi's stick to search for enemies with the camera, just did not gel with everyone.

Those points are fair enough, and Capcom are right to try and address them. It is good that gamers are debating how well Move's controls have been implemented, it means that developers can learn from the feedback, stick with parts of the controls that work and re-assess how to improve the parts that don't. It does not do any harm to offer a decent variety of configurations for gamers to choose for themselves, as long as each one has been well thought-out and fully developed.

I can only go from my experience, it has been over a month since I reviewed Resi 5 and I still return to it often, because to me the Move controls are lots of fun and I would not swap back to a DualShock 3. I personally find the Move set-up to be superior for aiming.

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