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DualShock Players "Run Rings" Around Movers in Killzone 3

Posted by James Newton

Balancing issues ongoing

A month ago we reported that Guerilla Games was unsure if DualShock 3 and Move gamers could face off online, and although it still hasn't made a decision it sounds as if the balance lies firmly with traditional controls.

Speaking at Eurogamer Expo, producer Steven Ter Heide said that gamers experienced with DualShock 3 controls will be able to outmanoeuvre Move players, as the technology and controls are still quite new. This is to be expected of course: DualShock pads have been the same for well over a decade, whereas Move is less than a month old.

Guerilla sees the issue as something it can conquer though, and will make a final decision about whether or not the two control camps will be able to meet up and square off online after the public beta, details of which will be available in the near future, says Heide.


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Stuffgamer1 said:

I doubt they'll be able to balance it in such a way that it comes off as fair to have both control schemes in the same match. I think they'd be better off not even trying.



Token_Girl said:

Hopefully at some point they'll be able to strike a balance with this. Move certainly has potential to be more accurate/quicker than dualshock, so hopefully devs will keep at it and make it work and not just say "dual analog is better, screw it" and give up.



The_Fox said:

I'd think getting one down perfectly would be better than half-ing two control methods.



Dragonfly said:

ima use move on the campaign, sixaxis online. want the BETA!
btw kz3 pwns.



mjc0961 said:

That's good, because I was planning on playing with a DS3 in the first place.

(My wrists and first person shooters with motion controls don't get along well: I can't even play the first level of Link's Crossbow Training to completion without needing to stop because my wrist hurts.)



SwerdMurd said:

I loved Killzone 2, despite hearing a lot of smack-talk about its mechanics. I personally liked the coverfire system and the default control scheme...I dunno if I'm gonna get it full-priced on release day, but it's definitely on my radar...GREAT weapon options.

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