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Analyst says Move Off to a Good Start at Retail

Posted by James Newton

Demand surprisingly high

Although there are no hard figures for how many units PlayStation Move has sold in its first weeks on sale, US analyst Lazard Capital Markets believes the accessory is off to a great start.

In a survey of consumers the analyst found demand to be higher than expected, particularly considering the "relatively high price point" and "lack of many compatible games", said Lazard's Colin Sebastian.

The firm did however admit that Move is unlikely to make a sizeable difference the games that sell well in the closing months of the year, but that in future it could determine the volumes in which retailers stock Move games.

In other words – brace yourself – if Move sells well, retailers might stock more Move games. Now that is some top notch analysis right there. Good work, Lazard Capital Markets.


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Strofan7 said:

I wouldn't doubt it. Every time I've been to best buy, target, or gamestop since it's release they have all been out of stock of the Move controller. Sounds good to me!



danschemen said:

i don't think this will grow to big unless they make this the only controller like wii. and honestly i hope they don't i like playing with a real controller with ps3 and xbox360 but when i play a wii game i want the wii remote and numchuck.



Slapshot said:

@danschemen.... it will never happen and Sony has been up front about that.

It was thought that only 10% of PS3 owners would invest in Move but I saw a prediction that close to 25% percent will possibly invest in Move now that its out and people have gotten their hands on it.

I know in my experience, I know people I would never have thought would ever buy Move purchased it the day or the day after playing around with it.

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