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The Motherlode of European PlayStation Move Launch Information

Posted by James Newton

Updated with launch titles!

Mainland Europe receives the Move on September 15th; Australia and New Zealand on September 16th; and the UK is the last of the bunch on September 17th.

Your Move options

PlayStation 3 320GB Move Bundle (£284.99/€349.99) – Replacing the existing 250GB model in Europe, this 320GB machine comes with a PlayStation Eye Camera, Move Controller and a Starter Disc featuring demos of upcoming titles. Unlike North America there's no copy of Sports Champions in the box, but considering you're essentially getting the Move set-up for free it's hard to gripe.

PlayStation Move Starter Pack (£49.99/€59.99) – This is the same package as above only minus the PlayStation 3, meaning your money gets you a PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move and a Starter Disc. For one player to get started, this is all you need.

PlayStation Move Controller (£34.99/€39.99) – If you already have the PlayStation Eye camera and just want to get Move-ing, the Move Controller is for you. It doesn't come with any software, but if you're hooked up to PlayStation Network all the demos from the Starter Disc will be available to download for free.

PlayStation Navigation Controller (£24.99/€29.99) – Nestling snugly in the opposite hand to your Move Controller, the Navigation handles all the movements of your in-game characters with its analogue stick, D-Pad and other buttons. Like the Move Controller it's wireless, but unlike the Move it contains no motion-sensing abilities, so don't expect anything to happen if you shake it around. If you don't fancy shelling out on a Navigation, remember your existing DualShock 3 or Sixaxis Controller will work absolutely fine.

PlayStation Eye Camera (£24.99/€29.99) – Without the PlayStation Eye, there is no PlayStation Move, so remember that when planning what pieces of kit you need to buy. The standalone PlayStation Eye comes with EyeCreate software for making and editing movies too, so it's much more than just a camera.

PlayStation Move charging station (£24.99/€29.99) – As the Move and Navigation controllers feature the same rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries as their DualShock 3 and Sixaxis counterparts, you need some way to charge them up. You could simply plug them into your PS3 console, but why would you when this charging station looks so darn sleek?


The all-important piece of the puzzle: the reason you're buying PlayStation Move to start with. The demos available to download or on the Starter Disc are all well and good, but you want a real challenge to get yourself stuck into: a gaming journey to justify your investment and show off what your new kit can do. Here's what you can expect to play on day one.

Sports Champions – Not unlike a pair of super-popular Nintendo sports games (that's the first and last Wii comparison we'll make, in this article at least) Sports Champions offers an intuitive experience over a range of sports. Archery, table tennis, golf, disc golf, volleyball, Bocce and a gladiatorial duel are all playable with one Move Controller, with some enhanced with a second Move, this looks like being a must-buy.

Kung Fu Rider – The mob is after you. What do you do? You escape on wheelie office chairs, naturally. Previously known as Slider, Kung Fu Rider is a blend of racing, tricks and score attack: put Tony Hawk in a comfortable chair and send him down a hill and you're getting the idea. It won't appeal to everyone, but if you're after something quirky for Move this is right up your alley.

Start the Party – Remember the EyeToy Play games? Weren't they great? Imagine this as the spiritual successor to those titles, only with controls that will work all the time. See, you're already in the party spirit!

Tumble – A PlayStation Network title that's essentially Jenga with colours, this features on the PlayStation Move Starter Disc so you can try before you buy.

EyePet: Move Edition – The original EyePet was released in Europe last year to mixed reviews, but the developers continued work and soon the revamped EyePet: Move Edition will be latching onto your leg. This should be the definitive odd creature simulator for PlayStation owners, with the Move Controller replacing the fiddly Magic Card from the original release and brand new features exclusive to the Move Edition.

Updated Games

If you don't fancy buying a new disc or download, pop one of these already-released games in your PS3 and behold the mighty update, benevolently bestowing Move support upon thee.

EyePet – If you already fell for the curious critter's charms first time around, don't pick up another disc: just slot this one in for more furry fun.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 – Take to the links with everyone's favourite and not-at-all controversial golfer. Why not indulge in some light swinging with other players?

R.U.S.E. – There's already a demo of Ubisoft's real-time strategy on the PlayStation Network store but if you want to dive into the full strategic adventure then there'll be a Move-enabling update waiting for you.

Toy Story 3 – Use the Move to chuck balls around and shoot people as Zurg. This could mark an early highpoint in the Move's lifespan.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition – It's very important that you have the Gold Edition of Resi 5 as the original release will not support the Move controller.

That's just a sample of the games available during the three month "launch window". During that quarter you can expect to find the sacky wonders of LittleBigPlanet 2, the musical mindbenders of Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz and Tolkien's beardfest Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest.

For all the information on what's coming out and when, be sure to check our Coming Soon list. We'll be reviewing every single Move-enabled game, whether it's on PlayStation Network or sleek Blu-Ray. Movemodo is all you need for PlayStation Move.

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Axoloth said:

Starter Pack + 1 Move Controller + 2 Navigation Controllers + Charging station = £160.




Damo said:

That's a worse case scenario though. You could get away with less gear than that.



James said:

Let's not forget the PS3 as well!

Remember the Navigation and Charging Station are only optional extras - you can use a Dualshock instead of a Navigation and charge your controllers using USB.



AlexWideScreen said:

I intend to pick up the Starter Pack (about 60£ here), a navigation controller (30£) and Resident Evil Gold (30£). Will have to read some reviews on Resident Evil before buying, as I have already played it to death on the 360. But if the controllers give the same experience that Resident Evil 4 was on the Wii, it's definitely worth a second go.

Might download Tumble too, but will try the demo before buying. And if I feel really crazy on the 15th, I miiiiiight pick up Sports Champions too, but then I would need another Move Controller for the archery and gladiator modes. No way I am playing those with just one Move. Will also keep my eye on RUSE, though reports (IGN) claims it's just as playable without Move. Luckily the demo on PSN supports Move.

Overall I think the whole launch line up is below average. There is no killer app for the controller. Where the Wii felt fresh and exciting with Wii Sports, Sports Champions seems less impressive by now. And the rest of the line-up seems like tech-demos with some nice paint. Kung Fu-Rider looks awful, even more so considering it is a normal disc-based game, and not a 5£ download.



James said:

I'm looking forward to giving Kung Fu Rider some playtime as it does seem an intriguing title, but I agree it may not be Blu-Ray worthy.

Incidentally, all sports in Sports Champions are playable with just one Move controller - a second one is optional in some sports, but not necessary



WolfRamHeart said:

I will be picking up the Move controller and eventually I will also get the Navigation controller. I've been meaning to pick up a copy of Heavy Rain and now that it will be Move compatible it is a definite must-have.



James said:

If you haven't played Heavy Rain yet, do it for definite - great game and truly "next gen", though I still have my issues with it. Well worth a play and can't wait to play it with Move!

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