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Sony Coughs Up £750,000 to Advertise Move in First Week

Posted by James Newton

Part of a £2m marketing push

The PlayStation Move marketing machine is gearing up for a full-on assault, with £750,000 set to be spent on pushing the controller in the UK within its first week on sale.

Rather than hitting the traditional hardcore gamer hotspots, Sony is taking its campaign to supermarkets and shopping centres as well as booking adverts during high-profile family shows X-Factor and, er, Big Brother. The second part of its marketing masterplan takes the form of a 40ft truck touring the country to teach store staff about the wonders of Move and 3D gaming, hoping to generate interest from non-specialist retailers.

Pitching Move as an evergreen product, in line with Sony chief Ray Maguire's appraisal of the controller's long-tail sales, the company will spend over £2m marketing Move in the run-up to Christmas and beyond. With that level of investment, prepare for Move to be everywhere this Christmas.


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JamieO said:

I was wondering about Sony's marketing plan for Move just the other day, because it seems like they are quiet at the moment compared to Nintendo and Microsoft.

Nintendo are hitting our TV screens big time, with 'Mario: Part of the Family Since 1985' and the NDS ads for Dragon Quest IX which are also targetted at a large audience, not just core gamers. The Microsoft telly ad for Halo: Reach is class too, they have captured my interest in that title, when I do not even have a Xbox 360!

I'm looking forward to seeing Sony's ads, they need to make more noise, or perhaps I watch the wrong shows, X-Factor and Big Brother are not my cup of tea. £750,000 for the first week should hopefully produce an ad campaign to rival Nintendo and Microsoft, although I still feel that Sony needs to get a move on! "Boom, boom!"



LuWiiGi said:

It's gonna take a whole lot of advertising to persuade me to get a Move, but they can try. @James I hate both those shows too.

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