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Sony Admits It Will Never Outspend Microsoft on Marketing

Posted by James Newton

Doing its best, though

Sony's got a £2m marketing campaign lined up for the UK, but it's admitted rival Microsoft will always have greater spending power in the console wars.

Sony America's senior vice president of marketing Peter Dille spoke to the Seattle Times about the company's plans for Move's launch in the coming weeks.

Seattle Times: Are you going to spend more promoting Move than Microsoft spends on Kinect?

Peter Dille: I don't think we'll ever outspend Microsoft.

You won't be seeing a shortage of Move marketing out there though, with the latest Kevin Butler adverts having recently commenced in North America and the launch of a major campaign across Europe. You won't be able to move for Move adverts soon.


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Stuffgamer1 said:

I don't think ANYBODY can match Microsoft on marketing overexpenditure. How else do you think they brainwash people into buying their crap?



mjc0961 said:

@1: Them's fightin' words! ... Yeah I'd challenge you to a PS3 game of some kind but my PS3 is not here right now.

Although Microsoft is probably looking at Apple and going "Man, I wish we were that good at brainwashing!"



JamieO said:

This will sound naïve, but I am not personally worried about marketing, I find out about new gaming products all by myself. Then again, I do not think many marketing teams are targeting me, I'm already an early adopter who they have snagged hook, line and sinker.

Therefore, from my point of view, I would have preferred Peter Dille to have answered, "Nah! We put money we would have spent on marketing, into developing fresh and exclusive Move games!"



Stuffgamer1 said:

@mjc: Very true...and yet Apple hasn't managed to brainwash the computer world too thoroughly yet...just the MP3/now also a bunch of other crap player market.

@JamieO: You have a good point, but that's sadly naught but a pipe dream. At least Sony's marketing is amusing even for the core early adopting gamers...something I've never seen Microsoft not suck at.

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