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Richard Marks Discusses Designing PlayStation Move

Posted by James Newton

Enlightening interview at Edge

Dr Richard Marks, Sony's R&D wizard and head designer on PlayStation Move, may dream of a super-gory zombie game on Move but he's also an articulate and thoughtful kind of chap. An interview with Edge magazine about the development of Move has thrown up plenty of interesting discussion about the controller, the games and the system's closest rival.

Considering Dr Marks also developed PS2's EyeToy camera, his opinions on Microsoft's stab at controller-free gaming are rather more enlightened than Sony's marketing department.

I think whether Microsoft succeeds or not really depends on whether or not people think that buying Kinect for that set of experiences makes sense. With Move we wanted to make sure that we had a wide enough range of experiences that it worked as a platform device for us. So we could really say that, no matter who you are, you’ll really want this controller, even if you’ve never played a game or you’ve been playing the hardest core games of all.

So far Microsoft is yet to show a huge amount for the core gamers on Kinect, whereas Sony has many of its key franchises lined-up for Move support. For all the money both companies have poured into both projects, it ultimately comes down to two points: software, and buttons.


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BishBashJosh said:

I think Sony have got it right with Move, they must have realised from EyeToy on PS2 that buttons are needed for most games. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft release there own version of the move controller in the future once the developers realise the limitations of no buttons.



King_Boo said:

I think Kinect will get all casual game for about a year and then a special controller that interacts with it will come out.



Slapshot said:

@Dazza.... that is flippin hilarious!

I have to say I wasnt ever skeptical that Sony wouldnt hold up to there word about not going casual and leaving out the hardcore with Move. But MAG, Heavy Rain and RE5 all right off the bat, Im impressed.

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