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Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Move Patch Now Live

Posted by James Newton

And for free too

The onslaught of Move-enabling patches is building up to a deafening roar, with two available in the past two days: first Hustle Kings and now Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition.

The free patch adds support for Move – released today across mainland Europe, don't forget – but no extra content, although being the Gold Edition it's pretty ram-packed with content anyway.

Remember: this patch is for the Gold Edition only, with no support planned for the original release. Capcom has not yet commented on this decision.

We'll have a full review soon to tell you how much Move adds to the whole zombie-killing experience.


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WolfRamHeart said:

Darn, I would love to play this game with Move controls but I refuse to buy the Gold Edition since I already own the original RE 5 release. I think it's pretty lame that Capcom won't release a patch for both versions.



Axoloth said:

I've seen the new Gold Move Edition for as low as £12 new though, so if you don't already have the extra content it shouldn't cost you too much.



AlexWideScreen said:

I ordered one from Amazon a couple of days ago. Cost about 14£ i believe. Have already unlocked all the original achievements on my XBox version of the game, but 14£ is a very small price to pay for Move support and the additional content (2 new chapters, multiplayer and some new characters). Can hardly wait to play it again with Move.

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