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PlayStation Move Kills Miis in Bizarre Video

Posted by James Newton

Watch and be mystified

We're big fans of Nintendo's Mii characters here at Movemodo – what would you expect from the team behind Nintendo Life? – so we're not ashamed to say it pains us to see them meet such an unfortunate end as the big-headed mope in this video.

This isn't an official advertisement for Move, as Sony's branding is nowhere to be seen, but we should imagine the company's pretty pleased at its controller being shown vanquishing such a recognised gaming icon. Or not, you never know. Make up your own mind with the video below.

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Slapshot said:

LOL.... I love my Wii but man I love Sonys advertisements. Little under 3 hrs until I own Move!



TheBaconator said:

Oh yeah, that makes sense. I think it means that Sony's device is real now so it can destroy its sorce material...but not in sales.

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