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Patched for Move: MAG

Posted by James Newton

A huge line-up of improvements made

MAG is enjoying something of a resurgence lately, with a sizeable price drop in North America and now the launch of a brand new 2.0 patch adding plenty of new features, including support for PlayStation Move.

With an increased level cap, new skill trees as well as around 100 extra tweaks and changes, it's one of the most significant updates yet seen to a game. The official PlayStation Europe blog has the complete list of alterations for you to peruse.

If you fancy getting into some 256 man battles with the extra precision of Move on your side, have a look at the MAG topic in our forum to find some like-minded soldiers to fight by your side.


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Platypus said:

IGN said this game was unbalanced. seeing as I'm a FPS noob I'll wait to see if they fixed that before buying this.



Weskerb said:

It's a well balanced game. But difficult for noobs. I completed S.V.E.R and started Valor then got bored with it. After this patch I'm interested again.



Slapshot said:

@soccer... basically any review you read that was at the games release is irrevelant, they have added so much to the game prior to the original release and this update is no less than incredible.

Its a must have for any FPS fan that owns a PS3!



KAPADO said:

I am also back into the MAG train, if your a COD player only approach with caution ,controls are different, you must adapt for it is not for children,or the 1 an army type of player, and its the less pretty of the FPS hotties but she has so many new tricks to show you if you look past her not so supermodel look, MAG's beauty comes from within.

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