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North American Stores Jump the Move Gun, Start Selling Early

Posted by James Newton

Official release dates be damned!

Forget official information and the likes of our North American PlayStation Move Launch Extravaganza: PlayStation Move is a precocious beast, doing what it wants, when it wants. Some US retailers have started selling the Move today, two days before the unit's official launch date.

Far from being a move to irritate Sony, corporate VP of everything Kevin Butler claims he pulled some strings:

We originally announced #PSMove for the 19th, but KB made some magic happen and HERE IT IS two days early! You’re welcome.

Some of our followers on Twitter have already started sending in photos of their Move setups, with BadMicheal tweeting us a photo showing off his Starter Pack.

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mjc0961 said:

I thought its release WAS today anyway. Plus I got e-mails from both Toys R Us and Amazon this morning saying they had it ready to ship if I wanted to order one.

Oh well. Whatever. Doesn't matter too much, and it's nice to see them call on the VP of Pulling Strings instead of getting mad.



LinktotheFuture said:

I bought the Move/Sports Champions bundle this morning, and I am disappointed. I do not think it is more accurate than Wii Motion Plus, and the controller gets uncalibrated more often than the Wii Motion Plus as well. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but right now I regret the purchase.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@mjc: Same here. I only heard it was coming on the 19th here on NLife. GameStop's been saying 17th for a while, and even held midnight launches last night.

@LinktotheFuture: As dangerous as it is to try troubleshooting your problem when I don't even have Move myself...maybe it's your lighting setup? Either that or where you have the camera placed, as a GameInformer article I just read said that it works MUCH better if positioned well on the vertical axis. If all else fails, check the manual for more tips. If THAT fails, complain to Sony.



Slapshot said:

I went to a midnight launch myself last night and bought the 3202gb Move bundle. We actually got into the store at 9:30pm and played Sports Championships until Midnight when we could buy it and go home

@LinktotheFuture.... has to be your lighting or something. Mine works wonderfully and its beyond accurate. One thing we noticed last night and I have today is that you CANT treat Move like Wii, simple waggle, gestures, etc do not work on Move. You play the games just as if you were actually playing the real thing.

Only issue I had was Archery and it wasnt responding at all, but then I realized I was holding the controllers both pointed up like in Wii Resort, wich Move registers as you arrow pointing up, as I did just pull the thing out of my quiver, so it was my fault, starting holding the arrows horizontal and then was firing arrows exactly where I wanted fast as I could pull them out.



LinktotheFuture said:

I figured out what was wrong, I didn't have the camera on wide lense mode, nor did I have the camera at shoulder height. It works a lot better now, thanks for everyone's help.



James said:

That video "How to Set Up your PlayStation Move" did wonders then

I've been on Flight Control this morning, so far it controls better than the DS version! Dabbled with a little Beat Sketcher too, which was rather nice.



WolfRamHeart said:

Well, I picked up a Move controller yesterday but I haven't purchased any games for it yet so unfortunately I can't try it out. I know it sounds pretty pointless to buy the controller without a game but I only had so much money on hand and I wanted to get the controller just incase it sells out and becomes hard to find later on. I do plan on buying Sports Champions real soon though.



Slapshot said:

@Wolf... congrats on the purchase man, good thing is the PSN Store has a good many demos to let you have a bit of fun. Though let me warn you that what Ive found in many of the demos, the controls aren't much different than what you find in Wii, when you get Sports Championships you will understand what Move is all about.

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