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New Zealand Stores Suffering from Low Move Stocks

Posted by James Newton

May not be able to meet demand

And so the struggle to find Move commences. Retailers across New Zealand are reporting that their stocks of Move won't be enough to satisfy their customers when the controller is launched on September 16th.

Sounds like Sony has a monster hit on its hands then, right? Well, no: Simon Barton, of retail chain Mighty Ape, explains:

It’s not due to massive demand, it’s due to small quantities of stock. The demand is nothing like a big game title.

According to Mighty Ape, it may face the first month of Move's availability with no or minimal stock, and other retailers have attempted to import additional stock from other territories with no luck, claiming that allocations from other countries have all been spoken for too. Is this an example of under-production to generate interest or a genuine case of supply struggling to meet demand? We'll leave you to decide.


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Metroid133 said:

Could they be trying to create simulated demand? I mean when people hear its out of stock they think its a hot product.



Bobpie said:

Loving the pic, James.
I wonder if any will get down to Christchurch, considering we've just been hit by an earthquake...



jol123 said:

Actually it was TV3 which declared the PS3 the official console of NZ.

I hope Christchurch PS3 owners are still able to get PlayStation Move on launch day (insert earthquake/move pun here).

By the way if anyone is wondering, the pictured rugby team is the New Zealand Maori, not the All Blacks.

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