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Move Tour Taking in the Sights of Major US Cities

Posted by James Newton

Chicago, New York, LA and San Fran gets to Move

Sony might be flashing the cash in the UK to get the Move name out to people next week, but it's laying on a big campaign in the US too, taking a large-scale tour to major cities on a mission to put Move into as many hands as possible.

Kicking off next week, four cities will receive dedicated stores called "PlayStation Move Headquarters": New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, with mall tours taking in all four cities plus Atlanta, Houston and Washington DC. There'll be plenty of opportunity to try out Move, its upcoming titles and get your questions answered by a real-life Move expert.

Coinciding with this outdoors tour, Sony has also kick off its living room invasion with the first in a new series of Kevin Butler commercials, placing the fictional executive into the fictional home of a fictional family to deliver some truths about Move. The campaign is set to run throughout the Fall, but here's the first advert below in all its self-referential glory.


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Roopa132 said:

I hope I get a chance to play before I buy it, too.
Hopefully they'll send out Move kiosks to try it out so that you can play even if you're not near a town where a Move event is.



James said:

I know in the UK that most game retailers are receiving demo packs, so hopefully that'll be the same across the continent too. I think it will definitely be a "try before you buy" for most people.



Roopa132 said:

I mainly want to know just how close it feels to using the Wii while I personally hope that it is really different because I didn't like the WiiMote - Nunchuck combination at all. (I found both controller shapes and the short cord connecting them kinda uncomfortable.)
The Move and the sub-controller are really different in design and they already look more comfortable to hold. Also of course you don't have that cord to strangle yourself while flailing your controllers around



zezhyrule said:

Aw man, I was just in Atlanta. ...And Houston.

Oh well, I'll just get all the questions I need answered here, since I'm not getting it until at least after Nov. 8 anyway.

Edit: Btw, I just noticed the similarities between the tabs at the top of this site, and Google Chrome's tabs. And I like it! :3

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