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Move Starter Disc Contents Laid Bare

Posted by James Newton

All eleven demos named

We reported earlier today that the Move Starter Disc demos will be free to download on the PlayStation Store, but at the time we didn't know what the demos actually were. Well, now we do.

Taking in everything from single-player puzzlers to multiplayer party games, the disc looks to provide something for everyone without giving too much of the finished games away. If you don't want to buy the Starter Pack, remember these will all be available to download from the PlayStation Store at launch.

Beat Sketcher: Create both art and music as you see yourself on the screen and draw using a variety of brushes and colours in the game’s Create Mode.

echochrome ii: Play through a tutorial and three levels in this stylish, original puzzle game where you use the PlayStation Move motion controller as a torch to cast shadows onto a wall and create paths for your mannequin.

EyePet Move Edition: A taste of what it’s like to interact with your EyePet using the Move controller in EyePet Move Edition. (Existing EyePet owners will be able to download a free software update on 15 September).

Sports Champions: Play both Table Tennis and Disc Golf and feel just how accurate the PlayStation Move motion controller is.

TV Superstars: Get your face in the game and play through Frockstar and Let’s Get Physical either alone or with up to three friends.

Start the Party: Swat bugs, bounce basketballs and whack moles in this hilarious augmented reality party game where you never quite know what your PlayStation Move motion controller is going to turn into next.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: Take part in The Ryder Cup across a range of game types and using various top golfers in this generous demo that is compatible with Playstation Move.

The Shoot: Blast your way through an entire level of the shooter that puts you in the shoes of a movie star trying to impress the director.

Tumble: Play through two stages of levels of this Jenga-like game where you have to keep a steady hand to build towers out of various objects, and use mines to blow them up as comprehensively as possible.


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AlexWideScreen said:

Seems decent enough. Would liked to try archery in Sports Champions, or the Gladiator mode. Had hoped to try something more mature shooter thingy, like a Resident Evil or Socom demo.

Anybody know when echochrome is released? Looks like an interesting title. Still a bit worrying that the titles I'm most interested in (echochrome and Tumble) are "simple" PSN titles.



James said:

No concrete release date for Echochrome II yet which is a shame, I'm looking forward to it as the first one was very clever.



WolfRamHeart said:

Pretty good collection of demos. Nice to know that I can just download this from the Playstation Store since I will only getting the Move controller and not the Starter Pack.



Roopa132 said:

I would have loved a Sorcery demo. But since I'm not planning on getting it soon (especially because I need my money for 3DS and games) maybe there will come a demo for it before I'll get Move.



EdEN said:

Don't like that you have to install the demos to the HDD to play them since that will be what, 5-10 GB of space?

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